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Course Curriculum

About HTML
HTML and Its uses 00:00:00
Different version of HTML or HTML standards 00:00:00
Using HTML on your computer 00:00:00
Various HTML terms and usages 00:00:00
Your very first HTML web page 00:00:00
HTML Sections
HTML opening and closing tags 00:00:00
HTML: Head section (Header) 00:00:00
Embedding scripts and stylesheets into your web page 00:00:00
HTML title tag 00:00:00
Meta tags in HTML 00:00:00
HTML Section: Body 00:00:00
Classes, DIVs, Sections and Spans 00:00:00
Typography With HTML
Embedding fonts using HTML 00:00:00
Inline font styling 00:00:00
Embedding a custom font to your website 00:00:00
Different font units and their usage 00:00:00
Google fonts in HTML web page 00:00:00
Different HTML Elements
Paragraphs, links, images & some text elements 00:00:00
Hyperlinks 00:00:00
HTML tables and Forms 00:00:00
Line Breaks, Comments and Quotes 00:00:00
Ordered & unordered lists in HTML 00:00:00
Radio Buttons, Drop Downs, Textareas & Input fields 00:00:00
iFrames in HTML 00:00:00
Responsive Web Design Techniques
Modern day HTML web page structure 00:00:00
HTML Standards and recommendations 00:00:00
Conclusion: Move Forward
Cascading Style Sheets in HTML 00:00:00
JavaScript In HTML 00:00:00
What is PHP? 00:00:00
What is WordPress? 00:00:00
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