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WordPress For Beginner’s

A complete beginner’s training program to provoke your inner WordPress developer. Start learning today and build powerful websites on your own.


    About The Instructor:

    Hi, I am Mithun Baiju. I am a professional web developer with more than 11 years of working experience in the field of web development and search engine optimization. In all these years of my journey as a developer, I have helped more than 4000 businesses across the globe.

    About WordPress: 

    There’s always something revolutionary invention that changes the way you look at the world. For personal computers, it was Apple’s Macintosh and MacBook Pro. For photo editing and retouching, it was Adobe’s Photoshop. Well, the same goes for WordPress in terms of website development and web design in general. Yes, this beast of a PHP framework or a content management system is “The Undisputed Ruler” of the internet.

    A few things about WordPress you should definitely know:

    1. Over 70 Million websites run on WordPress.
    2. WordPress has been downloaded for more than 300 Million times.
    3. Demand for good WordPress designers and professionals are always high.
    4. It beats all its competition and blows them out of the water when it comes to flexibility, learning curve and popularity.
    5. Can you believe that ~18% of the entire internet runs on WordPress?
    6. Most popular web hosting companies have started providing optimized web hosting plans exclusively for WordPress.
    7. Many popular websites use WordPress.
    8. Most blogs that generate revenue are built with WordPress which makes it undeniably blog friendly CMS.
    9. You can create any type of website with WordPress.
    10. Although, the core WordPress installation is not so search engine optimized, you can highly optimize it via plugins with the help of tons and tons of online video tutorials and articles.

    Course Object:

    Although we are not going to dive deep into coding and heavy customization, you will still be able to understand WordPress and create your own robust websites without breaking a sweat.

    Course Requirements:

    • Text Editor/IDE,
    • Basic HTML & CSS knowledge,
    • A good web browser.
    • Internet connection to download software vital to this course.
    • A good desktop or a laptop.
    • …and a curious mind.

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