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Training Day – Professional Development

I began this article by looking again at the differences between training and education, or trainers and teachers. In A Look at the Education vs Experience Debate and in an earlier post, What’s the Difference Between Training and Teaching, I made a few comparisons. This time, I thought it might be interesting to comment on what some consider the end-result of training: professional development.

To some organizations, professional development means a training day of best practices. This isn’t professional development; this is a day of opportunity. It could be a sharing conference; however, most attendees are more likely to be sharing drinks. Ironically, it is during these moments of relaxed opportunity the best information to aid in one’s quest for professional development occurs. Still, that is not professional development, but it’s a start.

Why? Because professional development includes so much more. Interestingly enough, the social aspects, character modeling and professional information comparisons from a single conference may be more valuable than a single, specific knowledge-based training day.

Professional development refers to the acquisition of skills and knowledge used for personal development and for career advancement. Generally, professional development would include all types of learning opportunities some facilitated and some not. It should start with specific training, college and university education as well as conferences and never end. Along the way, continuous learning should provide other opportunities and practice specific to an employee’s position and career goals.

Many organizations fall short. They may have a director of professional development, who in most cases, is a glorified training manager. That’s not always the case, of course. There are professional development directors who understand the concept, but many other who do not. It could be, they have the definition wrong.

Source collected from: managementhelp

December 29, 2016

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